We’ve added another string to our bow here at Acco Systems by investing in new thermal imaging technology which will help businesses identify heat losses and energy waste.

Thermal imaging quickly reveals any areas of needless energy waste by showing infrared energy. All objects emit heat as infrared radiation – which is invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging cameras detect an object’s infrared emissions and convert it into data that can be seen by humans.

Different levels of heat are represented in different colours, commonly ranging from black or blue for the coldest, to orange and red for the hottest. Interpreting infrared images requires a level of skill and experience as different materials emit heat at different rates.

Our engineers are experts in identifying the abnormalities which usually point towards a fault or heat loss. Once heat losses have been identified, energy-saving measures can be put in place to prevent further waste and therefore reduce operating costs.

Thermal imaging is carried out from a distance and any potential problems are identified quickly, without the need to isolate or shut down any processes, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Because overheating is often an indication of poor or faulty equipment, thermal imaging can also be used as an effective diagnostic tool as part of your company maintenance programme.

This means any potential problems can be detected early and serious faults can be eliminated before causing major damage or disruption.

Reducing energy consumption is now a key priority for many businesses, both for the cost saving benefits and to boost ‘green’ credentials. Helping firms save energy and reduce their carbon footprint is one of our main areas of expertise at Acco Systems.

We offer a free site survey of your facility and can carry out full audits of energy consumption, including lighting, heating, HVAC, motor control, pumps and fans.

Contact us today to request more information.

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