Professional LED Lighting Installations

Reduce your lighting costs by over 75%.

Ecopare has a dedicated industrial LED lighting team that can assist you in upgrading your facility to LED lighting.

We have successfully delivered projects into factories, processing plants, production lines and warehouses. Our LED high-bay solutions all come with dimming capabilities for motion sensors or daylight harvesting. Our LED linear lighting is ideal for task lighting or production lines.

Our in-house lighting engineers and electricians deliver the full end-to-end lighting solution from conducting the lighting survey through to installing and commissioning the new installation.

Our services

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Our team provides all aspects of delivering a successful LED lighting project. We not only help you design a new LED lighting scheme for your facility but we also install & commission it to ensure quality and consistent lighting.

Step 1: Industrial Lighting Surveys and Audits

We have Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEP) and Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) to professionally audit your facility’s lighting. We have conducted surveys for factories and warehouses across the UK. As all our staff have a manufacturing background they understand what is required to provide the correct level of light in a factory, processing plant or warehouse.

Our audits take the form of:

  • Desk based analysis of the electricity bills for past year to capture base billing data such as unit pricing and peak/off-peak rates
  • Physical walkthrough of your factory/ warehouse to count the lighting fittings and to assess the physical nature of the facility
  • Short interview to gather shift pattern data, areas where there are specific lighting requirements (such as inspection booths, dispatch areas or bonded warehouses
  • Delivery of the audit report which will include before and after costing models, recommended lighting & lighting levels, possibility of lighting controls and a payback cost model.

This service is usually free to the client but if the client wants it to be an independent third party audit (such as to develop a tender specification) then we charge on a daily rate basis.

Step 2: Lighting Design and Installation Plan

Factory and warehouse lighting is very specific as technically there are a number of factors that will influence what type of LED lighting will be installed. We have delivered many LED lighting projects across all types of facilities – from large metal presses through to small industrial units.

All our projects are verified with a LED lighting design that will provide the best outcome for the area being relamped. For example we have produced different lighting schemes for the following layouts/ configurations:

  • Factory LED high bay lighting from 6m up to 30m from FFL
  • Warehouse LED lighting with high rack/narrow aisle configurations
  • Engineering shop floor LED linear lighting
  • Production line LED Lighting
  • Paint booth and inspection booth LED lighting for automotive companies
  • Work bench and manufacturing cell LED Lighting
  • Clean rooms, wet laboratories and quality control room LED lighting

As part of the pre-installation documentation we produce the following pack:

  • Signed off Lighting design including emergency lighting photometric where required
  • Installation plan that takes into consideration whether the installation will be out of production hours or working in a live environment
  • Risk assessments & method statements (RAMS) and a CDM plan

Step 3: LED Lighting Installation

We have an experienced in-house team of lighting engineers and accredited electricians who will install your new LED Lighting. We hold a number of certifications to ensure that our team work in safe and secure way. All work is insured and we provide a 12 month warranty on the installation with a 5 to 10 year warranty on the LED fittings.

Our typical installation plan consists of the following steps and activities:

  • Project set-up and safety briefing
  • Product delivery from LED supplier
  • Removal of old light fittings and streaming of waste material (metals, plastics and lamps etc)
  • Installation of new LED light fittings and lighting controls
  • Testing and commissioning of new lighting system
  • Installation handover and client training, if required